International User Research Training

How To Conduct User Research and Turning Data To Actionable Insights

950 $ + KDV

International User Research Training

A great product experience starts with a good understanding of users. User research is a critical component of the design process and it enables product teams to design products in a way which meets the requirements of both strategic, market and user values and priorities. In this 2 day training we offer to help you level up your user research skills by exploring overall user research process from conduction of the preparation process, collection of the data to implementation of the thick data into the smart design decisions.



Dedeman İstanbul Otel, İstanbul
Saat: 10:00 – 17:00


International Methodologies

Improve your User Research skills with world-class, interactive and practical methods.

Choosing the Appropriate Technique for the Project

By learning the User Research techniques, you can also choose the right technique for your project.

Listen Our Experiences

Listen to our experiences we gained from User Research studies we conducted for our customers from different sectors and get practical information.


Day 1

  • What is user research? What are the possible value propositions for your project?
  • What is the value of  user research for your project? What are the  benefits of user research and qualitative methods over market research & quantitative methods? How quantitative and qualitative user Research differs from data analytics?
  • Which skills should a user researcher has?
  • What are the common and mainly used user (insight) research methods and their contexts?
    • Community Driven Discovery
    • Contextual Interviews
    • Cultural Probes
    • Diary Studies
    • Expert Interviews
    • Group Interviews
    • Participatory Co-Design
    • Self – Documentation
    • A Day in the Life
  • How can you position user research activities in different phases of business development projects by considering long-term earnings?
  • How can you plan user research process?
  • How can you decide which user research techniques fits for your project and which answer the primary needs of the project?
  • How to select the right user research methods which fit your project scope and expected outcomes?
    • Designing a Mixed Method
    • Defining The Method Which Specialize To The Project Requirement
  • Case Study – Phase 1

Day 2

  • How to manage and conduct end to end user research process effectively?
  • How to be prepared for the user interviews?
    • Equipments
    • Location
    • User Recruitment
    • Research Team’s Roles and Responsibilities
    • Real Life Challenges and Advices
  • How to realize user interviews from conduction of the interview  to data collection and the setting of the interview?
  • Case Study – Phase 2
  • How to synthesise the findings from the raw data? How to prime your notes? How to identify patterns, and translate findings into a model ?
  • Identify small wins to build the case for a more robust research program
  • How to prioritize the raw data into the actionable user insights and smart design decisions
  • How to report, visualise and present on user research effectively—to clients, bosses, and other stakeholders


  • User Research Kit
  • Templates
  • Tools-Tactics Cards
  • Training (Course) Book


This is an intermediate-level course suitable for young professionals and experienced practitioners alike:

  • UX, products designers and researchers who looks to broaden their UX careers
  • CX/UX/Product Managers who are interested in techniques that enable design teams to develop a greater understanding of users
  • Researchers who are interested in deep dive in end-to-end methods
  • Marketers looking to gain a holistic view of customers’ needs and motivations
  • Everyone who want to develop a deeper understanding of their customers through ethnography and user research.


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