Customer Journey Mapping

For each decision of the customers, the different journey steps of customer experience is effective. The negative perception resulting from the differences between different channels of a brand creates prejudice in the customer. According to the customer, an interaction with a specific channel of a product affects the whole customer experience in general. With the customer journey mapping study, we aim to identify all touchpoints and see the big picture covering the questions such as, how did the customer hear about the brand at first; what did they experience in the touchpoints; what did they feel; how did the touchpoints affect the perception of the brand.

We want you neither to be lost at the slightest details or to be blurred by looking at it from the very top in the user experience research. The customer journey mapping method will help you see the big picture from the optimum distance.

1. Preparation to Map

At first stage, we listen to you and understand why you need a customer journey map.

  • Why do we design a customer journey map?
  • Do we know about the user profiles/personas?
  • What do we want to learn?
  • What are the customer journey steps and touchpoints?

2. Insight Researches

In the second phase we conduct appropriate research methods to look closer at your interactions with your users and to see what happen in the details.

  • Empathy mapping
  • Netnography
  • Depth interviews
  • Diary studies
  • Job shadowing
  • User observation testing
  • The analysis of printed and digital materials that users interact with (web sites, printed forms, etc.)

3. Mapping and Share

At the third and last phase, we draw and deliver the customer journey map which is created through the lights of the research data. The map includes these elements:

  • Personas
  • Journey steps (Research, Decision-Making, Purchase, etc.)
  • Feelings & opinions
  • Opportunities
  • User quotes

At the end of the study, we give you information on how to make more use of the prepared Customer Journey Map:

  • What does the customer journey map tells you?
  • What are the actions to take at this stage?

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