Service Design

Service design is a human-centered and creative service concept that brings together the teams that make up a service ecosystem and integrates them with design thinking, co-working and creative thinking. Service design approach; aims to make coherent the experience from various touchpoints that you offer and create value. The positive interactions of your customers with the service you offered means longer customer loyalty and therefore greater success and profitability.

UXservices Service Design process is based on the 4-step Service Design Thinking approach.

  1. Define: Service Ecology Mapping of the Existing Service
  2. Explore: Insight Research
  3. Ideation: Idea and Concept Development
  4. Reflect: Creating Service Model


At the first stage, we meet with the company stakeholders and draw out the ecology map of the existing service. We define the service architecture, stakeholder network and touchpoints that form the service ecosystem. Thus, by visualizing the service ecosystem from holistic perspective, we discuss the micro-user journeys that need to be focused.

In this stage, we also define the objectives and the new service vision to be changed in the service ecosystem. After we identify the research questions and draw out the customer journey map, we create the service ecology in detailed and examine the current picture by following the footsteps of the customer.


We collect research questions that are highlighted in the service ecology map activity and try to understand the answer of questions such as “What problems are overlooking on the service stage where does not interact with the customer (service backstage)”, “What is happening on the customer side (service frontstage)”. At this stage, we also define the research methods in the lights of research questions.  

Some Research Methods to Use:

  • Persona Identification
  • Persona Identification
  • Netnography
  • Depth Interviews
  • Diary Studies
  • Job Shadowing and Service Safari
  • User Observation Testing


Research insights show the improvement and innovation areas of the service. At this stage, we come together with some stakeholders and conduct ideation workshops. We develop new service journeys with the emerged ideas. We optimize these service journeys with service staging methods.


Through the final concept developed during the ideation phase; We design new service model for target structure by using service prototyping methods such as Storyboarding, Hifi – Lofi Prototyping, Visual Brainstorming, Role Plays, Service Evidencing.

At the final phase of the service design, we use ‘Service Blueprint’ method. Service Blueprint is a service design method that can be used to demonstrate and analyze a service’s ecosystem from all ends in the perspective of user-service-touch points. Through blueprints, we make visible the people, touchpoints, processes with the stages that interact with the customers (frontstage of service) and the back side of the service (backstage of service).

Our goal with Service Blueprint activities is to create a common intellectual space where different stakeholders – design, software development, operations, business units – come together and create a new service model.

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