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Our techniques, tactics, method and methodologies… We fit the core form of hundreds of projects’ accumulation into these trainings.







UX design training

In IIBA® Accredited User Experience Design (UX Design) Training, we directly share our experiences in UX Design with the participants in this practice-oriented training.

We discuss the most widespread techniques, approaches and trends in 2 full-day training, and we practice our learnings through some activities with the participants.

mobile UX design training

In Mobile UX Design training, we share our UX design experiences in the mobile ecosystem. It’s a practice-oriented training.

In this 2 full-day Mobile UX Design training, we discuss the factors, techniques, approaches and of course trends that are peculiar to mobile and affects User Experience directly.

CX training

In Customer Experience (CX) Traning, we share our experiences and methodologies to understand, interpret and methodologically enhance the relationship between brands and customers. It’s a practice-oriented traning.

In 1 full-day Customer Experience (CX) Design training, we discuss CX terminology, application areas, design methodologies, techniques, Customer Journey Map (CJM), trends and good & bad examples.

usability training

We share our acquisitions from hundreds of Usability and Usability Testing project experiences, our own techniques and application templates in this practice-oriented training.

In 2 full-day Usability training, we study the practices at global scale and its local equivalents, we share our criteria sets; we discuss the methods, techniques and approaches we prefer and we don’t prefer.

user research training

In User Research training, we transfer our methods, techniques and approaches that we have developed with our deep UX research experiences. It’s a practice-oriented training.

In 2 full-day User Research training, we address the methods, techniques and approaches we prefer in this context. We also mention about what we don’t prefer too.

design thinking training

Design Thinking Training is an applied training where we teach international methodologies and approaches in order to identify problem / opportunity areas with a human-oriented approach, to get to know the target audience from the deepest aspects, and to develop the most creative and innovative solutions.

In the 1 full-day Design Thinking Training; We talk about application areas, best examples from the world, methodology, approach, steps, and techniques, and share our experiences from projects in this field.

advanced UX design training

Advanced User Experience Design (UX Design) training is a training focused on maximizing existing capabilities, in which we directly share our experiences and approaches in UX Design with participants who have experience in this field.

In the 2-day training, it is aimed to make the point of view in the field of design human-oriented, to define the problem or opportunity area correctly, to reveal and make sense of insights with business anthropology and sensemaking methods, and the interaction, navigation, and visual design process from the end. Taking into account cognitive principles and usability criteria. We aim to deal with the best methods and international good practices.

XD for executives training

In XD for Executives Training, we share the set-up of an experience design project, operation and our experiences during the evaluation phase and techniques with the Executive level participants. It’s the only training that is only purely theoretical.

1 full day XD for Executives training has a set-up that is appropriate for the executives, not the operators. We don’t discuss how the projects will implemented, we discuss how they will be managed and controlled.

EX training

In Employee Experience (EX) Training, we share our experiences in understanding, interpreting and methodological improvements of the relationship between organizations and its employees. It’s a practice-oriented traning.

In 1 full-day Employee Experience (EX) Design training, we discuss EX terminology, application areas, methodologies, techniques, Employee Journey Map (EJM), trends and good & bad examples.

experience design trainings

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