Trendy Topics from UXPA Conference 2014

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Most Trendy Topics:

  • Prototyping for Lean UX in an Agile World
  • UX Metrics to Motivate Data Driven Decisions
  • Data Visualization for Dashboards
  • Eye tracking in Mobile UX Design
  • Experience Inspired Innovation

Summary of Insights:

In this years UXPA Conference, which was held at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel in London, we have seen and heard some great speakers around all corners of the world. With ‘motivation’ as the events theme, we have learned how to not only motivate our users to use, but also ourselves to create usable and beautiful products.

Throughout the conference, we have heard many professionals speak about their case-studies, approaches and experiences. They shared with us their insights, new practices, convincing methodologies and fresh wisdom. Matias Duarte, VP of Design at Android and one of the keyote speakers at the conference, gave an inspiring opening presentation about what we should expect as professionals being active in the UX field. He talked about how animation will become a bigger part of our designs and that we should start (or already should have started) hiring motion designers to include in our design teams. Another of his statements, which quite surprised be at the start, was that he mentioned a ‘death’ to mobile already. That things as ‘mobile-first’ or ‘mobile-only’ are terms we should avoid, but instead be more focussed on ‘people-first’ designs. His presentation was all about these changes, how we should prepare for these changes, and most of all, not to be afraid of it but to see it as motivation to keep doing what we do best: “Make things better.”

Another very inspiring keynote speaker was Anna Kirah, CEO of Making Waves. Shes is a thought leader in people-centered design and innovation, and presented the closing keynote of the conference. She motivated us to get out to the field, learn our people (not users, she doesn’t like the word user), and most importantly: “Design with them, not for them.” She encouraged us to step outside our comfort zone and really see people and solutions: “Be curious, ask questions. If we are going to solve the problems in the world today, it’s not by being obedient.” During the presentation she used many case-studies and examples to transfer her vision to the audience. Her approach and way of getting involved with the people she is designing for is very inspiring and motivating, but in fairness, this is something every UX professional should do within the projects. After all, (in most cases) we are not designing things for ourselves, but for others.

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