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We carry out the first and only comprehensive research that is regularly renewed on the current situation, expectations and trends in the field of Experience Design in Turkey.

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            06/08/2017 in Case Study, Usability Testing

            Arçelik / Beko Kitchen Machine Usability Tests

            Arçelik / Beko Kitchen Machine Product Team wanted to get feedback from users and evaluate its usability through the high-maturity prototype of the product before launching its products to the…
            Devamını Oku
            30/07/2017 in Case Study, Usability Testing

            Hürriyet Emlak Usability Tests

            Simple is Difficult Simplicity is difficult, requires editing and effort. To design usable products, to develop products that meet their needs and provide ease of use by understanding their users. While…
            Devamını Oku
            08/07/2017 in Case Study, Usability Testing

            Tatil Sepeti Usability Test

  , which has been providing important services in the digital tourism sector in Turkey for many years and known for the importance it attaches to user experience, reached its real…
            Devamını Oku
            30/05/2017 in Case Study, UX Design

            Bilgi University UX Design

            Bilgi University's website renewal project has been completed, and is live! In this project, we took part in the design of the user experience up to the information architecture stage…
            Devamını Oku