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Arçelik / Beko Kitchen Machine Product Team wanted to get feedback from users and evaluate its usability through the high-maturity prototype of the product before launching its products to the market. We supported the Arçelik team in this process with the Usability Tests and User Observation setup to be carried out with real users in the field, namely housewives and chefs.

How Did We Proceed With The Project?

1. Define Personas

2. Generate Test Cases / Scripts

3. Make Test Preparation

4. Perform Tests

5. Analyze Findings

6. Generate, Share and Present Report

Pilot test first

“Has anyone in your research team used a kitchen machine before?”

Grinding the meat to mince, keeping the consistency of the dough, grating tomatoes… We were not experienced in these matters. That’s why we conducted our pilot test to gain experience. So we got to know the product well enough to guide users in the right direction during testing. We started the project after consulting our mothers, who are the most competent experts on the subject and learning the subtleties of the job.

Some Challenges We Overcome in the Project


For tests, users opened their kitchens for us, and the price was a pleasant mess. When conducting these types of tests, we strongly recommend that you demonstrate your sensitivity by helping the homeowner to clear up the clutter.

In the classical digital product tests we were in the field, while we were going to the test location with our computer in our bag, things were a bit more 'heavy' this time. We carried our product to the kitchen of 10 users in total. And this product was definitely not designed to be "mobile".

If one of the test tasks is "Make dough", you have taken this job lightly. You should not risk disliking your recipe and leave the right dough consistency selection directly to the recipe of the user. In this way, you will prevent the debate on whether the dough is soggy / hard / in the earlobe that may arise later.

Even if your test participants are selected from the right target audience, how many of them could be masters of using a tomato shredder ?! In product-user interaction, you must allow the user to discover and learn. Users often tend to blame themselves for interactions with which they are difficult; “… I think I broke it”, “… I am very incompetent”. Remember it is your duty to inculcate them.

Your Turn Now

One of the main characteristics of the test concept is that testing never ends. Arçelik Kitchen Machine, which we are pleased to have contributed to the product development life cycle, is in stores, and it is now your turn to test it as an end user.