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User-oriented design and simplicity are indispensable today. It is one of the most determining factors in competition. Our most important goal in this study was to listen to the needs of the user and the customer, to make his life easier while entering an advertisement in the Hürriyet Emlak Corporate section and to follow his work, and to determine the design and user experience accordingly. This study also enabled us to get to know our corporate customer profile. Now we know the needs very well and design the user experience accordingly.

Mehmet BeletHead of UI/UX – Hürriyet Emlak

Simple is Difficult

Simplicity is difficult, requires editing and effort. To design usable products, to develop products that meet their needs and provide ease of use by understanding their users.
While developing a product, many features are added to the error that the more features there are in the product, the better it will be. All added features are considered vital to the use of the product.

The product, which offers so many features, becomes unable to fully meet even the most important user needs that it must basically meet.

Companies that want to offer better solutions to their users attach importance to evaluating their existing products according to usability criteria and user feedback in order to overcome such problems

“I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.” Blaise Pascal

Listening Users is an important online channel for the real estate industry. Mehmet Belet (Head of UI / UX) and Yasin Coşkun (E-Business UI / UX Manager) Met with UXservices.

The Usability Test roadmap was determined first within the scope of the work we conducted for Hürriyet Emlak Corporate web pages.

To determine the user audience ( persona ), which is the first step in the roadmap ;
– What does Hürriyet Emlak mean to its users?
– How often and for what purposes is Hürriyet Emlak used by its users?
– What common features do users have in terms of usage?
– What are the common transactions made by users at Hürriyet Emlak?
– What are the transactions that users do with ease and difficulty on Hürriyet Emlak?

Common user groups were created by searching for answers to such questions. Factors such as the frequency of use, their contribution to Hürriyet Emlak, and their impact on the environment were evaluated and prioritized, and the personas with whom we would conduct usability test interviews were determined.

After determining the personnel, the processes to be tested within the usability test were prioritized.

Test scenarios were prepared by asking questions such as which operations are critical for which persona, what areas to be observed and what areas to be considered.


Are WE ready? Preparations were completed with a pilot test before going out on the field.

We Are On The Field

“Effective use of my customers is as important as MY effective use of the website. It should be able to easily notice my advertisement on the homepage.”

A Real-Estate Agent

Real-Estate Agents
KMs of blazed trail

Some of Our Deductions;


Being Online

Realtors recognize the importance of being online and their use of the internet is increasingly important.

Website Is An Important Channel

The Hürriyet Emlak website is a very important channel for real estate agents due to the high rate of conversion of the ad examined in Hürriyet Emlak.

"The World Without Mobile is Unimaginable!"

Real estate agents, who are aware of the practicality of mobile use, want to add the photos they take to their portfolio instantly.

Ease of Use

During the tests, we learned that although real estate agents find it important to advertise on the internet, it is a priority for them to deal with their customers in the field instead of spending time on the computer screen. For this reason, it is very important that the website is 'easy to use'.

Time is Money

In particular, expert users want to perform their frequent operations effectively without wasting time. When it comes to computers and mobile devices, it has been observed once again that the patience limit of the users is decreasing.