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UXservices, which has significant knowledge in Usability Testing and User Experience services, added Banvit, one of the leading companies in the white and red meat industry, to its customers.

Our customer, who has been operating the sales channel both in the markets and on the website until now, was planning to launch the responsive mobile website in order to provide a good user experience to its users on every device. Since this application was their first mobile experience, they wanted to see what kind of experience their customers would experience and where they might encounter difficulties.

In this context, usability tests were carried out by UXservices in the test environment before the mobile sites were presented to the user according to international criteria.


Project Stages


Working with Banvit, the personas who are expected to use their website were determined. Sufficient number of different people were determined for each persona.

Appropriate test scenarios were prepared by considering the purpose of accessing the Banvit website and behavioral information of each person.

Usability tests were performed in environments where users feel neutral (office, home…).

During the tests, camera recordings were taken in order to understand the difficulties experienced by the users and to analyze them afterwards. Apart from that, users are encouraged to think "out loud".

The findings of the tests were reported.

The findings of the test results were evaluated according to the 5E (Efficiency, Effectiveness, Easy to Learn, Error Tolerant, Engaging) usability criteria. It was reported which layer corresponds to the problems experienced by the customer in the 5-layer user experience design methodology. Suggestions were made within the scope of international heuristic criteria for each finding.