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Best Practices in Mobile UX Design

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  1. Consider form factor (small screen) at every part of the design. Compared to the design for PC applications, be more sensitive in prioritizing and selecting the tasks and content that will be included in the mobile product
  2. Instead of including full PC functionality choose a subset of features that are most appropriate to mobile use
  3. Remember that mobile experience is very open to interruption.  Use accelerators, auto-complete and default values for fast completion of mobile transactions with minimized text entry and selection
  4. Don’t ask users to register or log in if not really needed for security and privacy concerns.
  5. Remember that users are more impatient on mobile. Inform them about system status if they will be waiting for a while for completion of a transaction.
  6. In the design of mobile apps and mobile web sites benefit from social and contextual information readily available on the mobile device
  7. Use gestures that are natural and easily predictable by users
  8. Consider big thumb problem in deciding on the size of buttons and other CTAs on touch screen devices
  9. Apply inverted pyramid method for content intensive mobile user interfaces

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